Happier Home and Easier life with Home Appliances

Happier Home and Easier life with Home Appliances

My very affectionate grandmother used to wake every morning at 4 a.m to grind grains at Dhiki and Jato, make a fire with firewoods, and tea in an old kettle. After tiring runs in millet fields, I would try to find space in her busy schedule for chitchat, but she hardly even had time to sigh.

Now, I wake up with an alarm clock, take warm water from the electric kettle, bring fresh fruit and foods from the refrigerator, wear fresh clothes from the washing machine, cook meals in a rice cooker while watching the news on LED TV, and the list goes on and on.

Thanks to the development and accessibility of Home Appliances in Nepal, we have saved ourselves a great deal of time to spend on our family and interests. It has changed people’s lifestyles, making it convenient and comfortable. Kitchen appliances like mixers, grinders, rice cookers, and electric kettles are saving a great deal of effort, strain, and time, especially for
women, which contributes to focusing beyond the kitchen.

On the other hand, food wastage has declined significantly with the refrigerator and micro oven. Home appliances like vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and kitchen chimneys have enhanced the home’s freshness, health, and hygiene. One of the most challenging works of washing clothes is now made easy by the washing machine, which wins all the constraints of weather, time, and energy.

The terrific job done by these home appliances is one of the significant factors contributing to people’s living standards. We can’t limit defining home appliances as essential things for life, but now it has become a part of our life.

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